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Another Grand Tournament A Story I wrote

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(This is a story I wrote a bit after the last tournament, so enjoy)Loirin had just arrived back at the caves after searching for the mace. Yet he did not find it he was utterly angry/disappointed, he was about to walk through the front gates when he heard a horn blow. He grabbed Augthail and swung round quickly he saw bout' 50-70 dwarves walking through the bushes. Loirin raised his spear and aimed at the leader thinking to himself "These Foul dwarves wish to take the caves!!!" He was just about to throw his spear when Borin Jumped out behind him and held him back. Borin had said "Stay back there friends""No There enemies here to take the caves!" Screamed Loirin. He bowled Borin over and started running throwing axes in his hands ready to strike. "Nain!!!! Come quick!"Nain Saw Loirin, Quickly ran over to him and knocked him down. "My Quarters Now!" He yelledNain Stormed in and said "Loirin, what has gotten into you!""I'm sorry master. I wont do it again.""I most certainly hope not but if you do and if you keep becoming more corrupt. You will have to leave the glittering caves for good!"Lorin looked into Nain's eyes and said"Very Well Master" Nain Got up and walked away whilst Loirin stayed seated and Zadok Said to him "ni ni ni Been a bad boy have we Loirin? he he"Loirin Stood up and pushed up against the wall holding him by the neck saying "Better watch out ... Might be you next"Zadok looked confused and said "Save it for the arena" Loirin walked down to the berserker unit Sat in his quarter opened his cupboard where he placed his newest Axe "The Eagle" Its Axe blades were the wings of an eagle and the actual eagle was standing on a branch which was actually the staff of the Axe. Borin came runnin to him and said " Quick Loirin, (breathing heavily) today is the last day to put your name down for the tournament" Loirin closed his cupboard and ran over to the sign sheet and signed his name. But only to know that tomorrow the real challenge began....Loirin was standing In the arena looking up at the crowd. How he loved the to be back in the arena again.The Referee came out and asked him "You know the rules dont ya'?" "I Think So" replied Loirin"Well good then" the ref blew his horn and three gates opened and bout fifteen goblins came out after him.He pulled out his two throwin axes and said "what the hell!" he swung at one goblin cutting off his head and kept fightin the rest.One goblin kocked his axes out of his hands. he cursed under his breath and the next thing he knew was he was pinned to the ground by the head of a spear. He couldn't get up more were coming for him. He pulled the spear out of the ground just in time and lodged it into the closest goblin's stomach. he jumped up and grabbed his throwin axes whilst sayin " I wish i had come better prepared"Loirin had slaughtered all but the captain... The Crowd was cheering but then all went quite. All eyes were on him and the goblin captain they charged each other running at full speed Loirin threw an axe in the air, the goblin got on it's knee's as if it were askin for mercy. But Loirin knew better he jumped of the goblins back whilst jamming his other axe in the goblin's side caught his other axe in midair and turned round but saw the goblin wasn't there. It was running for the gates, but before it got their Loirin threw his axe as hard as he could and it got the goblin in the corner of the head and it fell.The Crowd cheered for Loirin. although he saw one man up the front who had not been cheering. The modest dwarf didn't even clap he just picked up his weapon and left.loirin got both his axes and left the stadium wondering who that dwarf was...Loirin Looked up at the timetable to see when his next battle in the arena was. But he noticed one thing everyone who had entered was in a battle. He thought to himself "this must be big".The next day he armed himself properly augthail by his side, "The Eagle" over his back and throwing axes in his hands he walked out and stood next to Borin who asked him "What are we up against?" "I'm not sure" he replied slightly excitedThe gates opened suddenly four trolls came plundering out followed by 4 or so dozen orcs.Borin leapt to the side and yelled " YES!!"Loirin went straight for the Trolls, sliced the back of ones legs and it fell on it's stomach and Loirin beheaded it with a couple of strikes of his throwing axes.He saw Borin decapitate an orc then was stuck by a troll and sent soaring toward the grandstand. Loirin threw both his axes without hesitation and struck it in the neck. He quickly grabbed augthail and struck the troll in the guts and it just puked blood everywhere. Loirin noticed that Borin was knocked out so he went and kept on fighting.There were only bout ten fighters left against the remaining dozen orcs and 1 troll. most dwarves went for the orcs but Loirin hesitated and threw Augthail on the ground and grabbed "The Eagle" whilst running and sliced of one of the trolls feet and beheaded it with one strike and the round was over.But Loirin saw the dwarf he had noticed yesterday in the crowds. He walked over to him and shook his hand whilst saying "Nice footwork, but you will have to do better than that to get past me." The Dwarf Smirked and walked out.Loirin Knew He would have to train up as their were only ten dwarves left in the tournament. So he went to his quarters and grabbed Blizzaga an axe made with a hint of ice.Loirin looked at the timetable and noticed that he was fighting again for the next two days. He walked down to the resting Axe. Ordered some ale and some salty pork then left back to his quarters.He slept through the next day and trained the day after.Loirin walked into the arena the next day with his Axe Blizzaga and looked over at his opponent..... Zadok.The Judge proclaimed the rules. One thing had changed the two dwarves had to face each other yet kill all enemies as well.Loirin knew what he must do. The judge then yelled "Go" an Loirin threw grabbed blizzaga and swung behind him and decapitated an uruk hai he thought to himself "This match will be a lot harder than I thought" He stuck his Axe in another uruk's belly and then threw it at Zadok.Zadok Looked at where the Axe had struck the uruk and noticed that it wasn't bleeding but it was frozen and yelled to Loirin "What is this sorcery""Never you mind" Yelled Loirin whilst walking to wards Zadok killing all in his way. Then Loirin saw another monster let loose. a warg and it was heading for Zadok Going For the kill Loirin threw blizzaga and struck it in the forehead. Loirin then grabbed his throwing axes and thrusted them at zadok which struck him in the chest and shoulders. zadok fell where he stood Loirin slaughtered the rest of the uruks using Augthail.He Walked outer the arena Victorious. And would now face another opponent in the semi finals. Zadok was rushed to the med bay as he was badly wounded. Loirin realised he would be in strife from Nain for wounding his fellow Kinsmen. But it didnt matter now because now he knew that He was ready for more.....Loirin Walked Into the arena the next day and saw who he was up against. This was no dwarf, well it was but it was half man half dwarf, He was taller but yet broad shouldered as well.The Croud yelled was singing a chant " Broin, Broin, Keep It Flowin, Broin Broin keep their blood flowin.''Loirin Realized this was the man/dwarf he had fought so well in the all fighters match. But His reign shall end here and now. The Judge yelled "Fight" Loirin ran up and noticed that warg riders had been set free outta the cages.He Held his spear and coat hangared an orc of his warg and stuck the orc in between the eyes.He turned around and noticed the warg coming back he said "Not this time!!!" He launched His spear and struck it in the mouth where it fell. He was throwing a dozen or so Axe daggers and killin all that it struck.Now there was only him and this man/dwarf left.Loirin got the eagle of his back and ran to wards him whilst shouting "Har har your reign is up!!!!" At the ends of these words Loirin thrusted his Axe into the chest of the enemy, then stuck him in the face straight after and the fight was over. The other dwarf was wounded and fighting to survive. Loirin walked over to the exit of the gate. He walked down to his quarters only to find Nain. "What are you up to Ori" he asked him." I told you its Loirin, and nothing-""NOTHING, Zadok is in the med bay recovering you have wounded another dwarf in the field and you call that nothing!" Loirin Yelled back " YOU NO NOTHING OF WHAT I HAVE SEEN NAIN!!!!!!! WHAT MADE ME BECOME LIKE THIS"Nain was shocked and replied "what have you seen loirin?"Loirin said back " Nothing never mind""Loirin, tell me" "NO, You Didint allow me to find the lost dwarves which would have helped easily, but now you must see for yourself." I'm not sure when what I saw will come to plan but it will soon.""Now If You dont mind I must Organize myself for the finals tomorrow. Loirin Opened His Axe Cupboard and Pulled out His Double Bladed Axe which split into two hand axes. "Farewell Nain"This isnt all of it but i hope you enjoyed reading it! :D if you want the full story just pm me

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