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Young Love.....part Two ultra cute

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So here is the follow up on my Young love saga.....


Sorry I couldn't respong sooner, I was on a cruise for a week and plus I was kind of sick. And ribbons&pearls, to answer your question, I actually reside in Minnesota, which borders Canada....weird.


So anyway, all was going well when I returned to school from my vacation. My skin was slightly tanner, and I had gained a few pounds around my butt (every Jewish girl's dream). During study hall, when the teacher is never around, I was greeted by Alex with a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was quite shocked, since Alex is not the type of guy to be doing PDA (public displays of affection). I came to one of three conclusions: 1.) he was stoned, 2.) he was really horny, or 3.) he missed me a lot. I really sincerely hoped that it was conclusion number 3, and to my suprise it was (Thank G0d). I also noticed something different about Alex. His often calm demeanor was somewhat nervous, and he wasn't wearing his usual outfit of long striped hippie pants and band tees. Instead, he wore khaki slacks and a white dress shirt under a black, white, and gray argyle sweater, with an oddly out-of-place yellow submarine tie underneath. I thought he was all dressed up because of the choir concert later that night, but I remembered that he took band instead of choir. Also, his usually unkempt Beatle mop-top beared the marks of a combing attempt. Was he going to propose to me? Hell no, I thought, we're only sophmores, he's not that stupid. Or is he? Well, he did get a 23% on that math test.....but he was up until 4 AM on the phone listening to me complain about my English teacher. So why was he all different? Then all of a sudden, a semi-coherent explaination materialized into my mind: was he going to break up with me??? Most guys don't dress up when they're going to dump their girlfriends, but Alex isn't most guys. Maybe he was going to.......


Alex gently nudged my arm and said "Michelle, are you listening to me?" He was staring at me like I was some sort of freak who had just submerged herself in a steaming vat of molasses. I just suddenly realized that while I was coming up with all those weird reasons of why he was so differnet today, I was staring off into space woth my mouth wide open and a dribble of drool now sliding down my chin. I quickly wiped it off with my sleeve and my mind zoomed back to study hall.


"What? Oh sorry, I was just....cogitating." I could feel my face turning scarlet.


"Oh no, it's all right. I was just going to ask you if you wanted to do something with me on Saturday." replied Alex, the look of bewilderment now on his face now replaced with one of curiousity.


That's it? He dressed up all nicely and attempted to style his hair all so he could ask me out on a date? But then I realized that we had only been on one date in the entire two months that we were an item.....and that was two days after he said he "digged" me. I suddenly felt so ashamed of my thoughts. How could I think he was going to break up with me? It was actually my fault, I was never available on the weekends because of homework or synagogue or some other stupid thing. I was the one who kept turning him down for a "study session", saying that I had to pack for my vacation. How could I be so naive? How could I not have comprehended that "study session" was code for "date"? And after all this, after neglecting him for so long, after putting all sorts of trivial things before him, he still wanted to be my boyfriend. I felt like crap. I didn't even feel like I deserved such a person.


Well, of course I agreed on a date for the following Saturday, and it went like so:

On Saturday morning, he called me to arrange plans with me.

Me: Hello?

Alex: Yo.

Me: Oh hey. What's shakin'?

Alex: I'll pick you up at seven, mmkay?

Me: Umm you didn't pass your driving test, remember?

Alex: Screw that, I'm still picking you up.

Me: Uhh what if the fuzz stop you?

Alex: I've been driving since I was eight, I think I know my stuff.

Me: Okay, whatever you say...

Alex: Oh, and by the way, don't eat dinner tonight.

Me: Deal. But how should I dress? Fancy? Casual? Semi-formal? Casual formal?Fancy casual? How about ca-

Alex: JESUS CHRIST MONKEY BALLS! Just wear what you would normally wear to Shabbos services! Oy vey, I can't believe I was....[incoherent mumbling]

Me: What was that?

Alex: Nothing.

Me: Mmkay. So what time will I be home?

Alex: Why? Do you have to be back by a certain time?

Me: No, I just want to tell my parents I'll be home at like 4 or something and then come back at 3 so that they don't yell at me for being late anymore.

Alex: Yeah, 4 sounds about right.

[my brother picks up the phone, but I don't know it yet]

Me: Awesome. So I'll see you tonight, okay sweetie?

Alex: I can't wait to see you, honey.

Brother: Oh eww, get a room, you two.


Alex: Okay, okay I'll bring you home at 3!!!!!

Me: Not you!

Alex: Oh okay. Bye Michelle. [click]

Me: [click]

Brother: [click]


I proceeded to my brother's room to murder him, but I glanced at the clock and it was already noon. I got dressed and went to the nail place to get a french manicure (with new acrylics! I sometimes spoil myself, tee hee), and then to the mall where I bought the cutest outfit, which I will describe to you regardless of whether or not you leeches want to hear it: a grey pleated knee-length tweed skirt, a light pink silk cami with lace and pearl trim, a ribbed black wrap, and a plain black coach purse. I also bought Paris Hilton's new perfume (I hate her, but her perfume smells so good and it was on sale!!!) and a set of pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. By the time I got home it was already 5 o'clock, so I got busy. I put on my new outfit, curled my hair to get that Shirley Temple effect, did my makeup, and borrowed a pair of my mom's black high-heeled Prada sandals. I was so proud of myself, I couldn't believe I got ready in only two hours! Sure enough, Mr. Punctual arrived right at seven o'clock. I couldn't help but noticing how handsome Alex looked. He was wearing a light blue sweater and the same khaki slacks. He borrowed his dad's black BMW 328 (i am a *BLEEP* for BMWs), and he sped off to the gas station, because he noticed that his "cheap *BLEEP* of a dad" deliberately didn't fill up just to make Alex do it. He stepped back into the car after buying 40 dollars worth of gas, and took something out of his pocket and handed it to me. It was a blindfold.

Me: Umm....sorry to burst your bubble, dear, but I'm not really into bondage. Heh.

Alex: Yeah mhmm that's hilarious. Just put it on.

Me: Alrighty...

[i tied it around my head deftly, careful not to ruin my hair]

I felt the car lurch forward out of the gas station and speeding off. I couldn't help but think where he was taking me. It couldn't be anywhere outside, it was the middle of December. In Minnesota. As I pondered this, the car slowed down and then stopped. I asked if I could take off the blindfold and Alex said yes. The blindfold slid off my face to reveal the Arbor Lakes movie theater, which for Saturday night was surprisingly vacant. We climbed out of the car and into the theater. We completely bypassed the ticket counter for some reason, and when we went up to the old guy who tears your tickets and tells you which cinema number to go to, Alex whispered something in his ear. The old man said "cinema nine, to your left", and we proceeded to the left. I asked, "Alex, whats going on? What movie are we watching?"

"You'll see," he replied.

We entered cinema nine, and it was completely empty. There was not a single person in there, except for Shakira advertising coke on the huge movie screen. Alex took my hand and led me to the exact middle of the theater, where two seats were garnished with a sign that read "RESERVED". I took a closer look, and the floor was a ginormous bucket of popcorn. "Holy crap....," I whispered, mesmerized. I took a seat on Alex's right, and he gently took my left hand.


As the theater went dark, the movie screen flashed "Feature Presentation" in fancy cursive script. I leaned back against my chair and eagerly awaited the movie. Two minutes into it, I immediately determined what movie it was: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I had was dying to see this movie ever since it came out, but I didn't have any time, what with all the packing and homework and junk.

Suddenly, I weird thought came into my head.

"Alex, why aren't there any people here?"

"Well, I bought all the seats in here so that no one would be here to bother us." he said.

Holy crap.



After two and a half hours of that sexy beast Daniel Radcliffe magnified 80 times on the screen, me and Alex emerged out of the theater, holding hands and talking about how the movie was nothing like the book but still good.

The bitter cold lashed at my skin. I was in such a hurry that I completely forgot my jacket. But sure enough, Alex saw me shivering like a little pansy and wrapped his big jacket around me.

"Are you sure you aren't cold without your jacket?"

"Positive," Alex replied.

We stepped into his car, and again, Alex told me to put on the blindfold. We drove for about 5 minutes and the car stopped. I took off the blindfold, and we were at a Subway. Now, you people reading this might be thinking "Alex is such a *BLEEP*, why the hell would he take you to subway for dinner", but Subway happens to be my favorite restaurant. I eat it morning, noon, and night!!! It's like a drug, it is. So I was ready to get out of the car, when Alex said "Stay here,". I was feeling lazy anyway, so I obliged. A few seconds later, Alex emerged from Subway carrying a plastic bag which contained two footlong subs, two packs of chips, and two 12 ounce bottles of pop. He got into the car, and once again I put on my blindfold without even being asked to. What seemed like seconds later, we stopped and we were at Alex's house. I took got out of the car and stepped into Alex house. His parents were pretty loaded, and the result of their hard work was reflected in their enormous house. The place was decorated with ornate paintings, sculptures, mirrors, rugs, curtains, and crystal chandeliers littered the ceilings. We proceeded to the basement, which all belongs to Alex. He basically has his own apartment down there, since there is a kitchen, living room, huge bathroom, and game room down there. We sat down at a table, which was decorated with white linen, roses, and candles. I thought, 'wow this is a little too fancy for subway, but what the hell, its a date'. He was pretty hungry, because he chomped down his footlong in about 5 minutes, while I was still beginning on the second piece. After he waited for me to choke down my sandwich, I noticed it was already midnight! Holy crap, I thought.

"How about some Xbox 360 to top off the night?" he asked.

"Oh man, that would be kick *bottom*!" I replied cheerfully.



So basically, we spent the entire night playing Xbox (I still couldnt get over how awesome the graphics were) and eating the candy which he saved from Halloween.

It was pretty cool. Before we knew it, 3 o'clock had sneaked upon us like a telemarketer.

"I better get going," I said sadly.

"Yeah you're right," he replied, equally sad.

We quietly climbed out of his basement, as to not disturb his parents, and he opened the car door for me. It seemed like 3 seconds, and the car was already at my house.

"Bye, Alex," I said mournfully, as I opened the door. But before I could step out, Alex grabbed my arm and pulled me into a kiss. It was the greatest kiss I had ever experienced, and it lasted for what seemed like hours, but when I checked the dashboard clock, it was only 3:09. I smiled, got out of the car, and silently crept back into my house.



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Not to sound all mushy or anything, but....Awwww! -swoon-That is the sweetest thing I think I've ever heard! I wish you two the most luck ever, not that it seems like you need it, but that's not the point. How lovely, I'm sure you must be very happy!I know I would be.I could go on rambling about the boyfriend I've had for about a week but this probably isn't the place for that, haha. Update the saga as soon as more unfolds, I'll be watching!Just because I get obsessive like that sometimes...

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