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Ldu802 (neocrome) Installing LDU802

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Ok,.....Were here to Install Neocrome LDU802


1.Download LDU802 From Here:

(its a .rar file so make sure you have WinRAR)


2. Create a MySQL Database


in cpanel click on MySQL dataabses then follow

the instructions to create a Database and a user

for it. then create it.


3. Write down the parameters (username, passsword, and the database name)

and open the ldu802 filder on your computer. click on the datas folder

then click on config.php and make it open with notepad


4. take your username, password, and DB name and put them in the fields below



5.upload all the folders and files in the LDU802 directory besides the folder named



6. open up your FTP client (i use SmartFTP)


7.Locate and open the datas folder in the ftp client.

Take the folders named







and hilglight them and right click them and look for an option called CHMOD

(if you need help finding this send me a pm ;) and open it and you will see some

3 digit numbers set to 644 (which i believe is the defualt) change them to 777

which is read,write, and excute.


8. Now go in to Cpanel and click on PHPmyadmin (the MYSQL database manager)

once it opens make sure it is selected under your LDU802 database and click on the SQL picture in the top left hand side of the window or the tab at the top when you select your database. You will see a textbox and a way to upload a text file.


9. We are going to upload a file so go to the LDU802 directory on your computer and open the docs folder and locate the file called, "ldu-createnew-802.sql." clcik on that file then hit ok or open. and hit go. in the window (bottom left corner) and you should see this message


Your SQL query has been executed successfully:

The content of your file has been inserted. (ldu-createnew-802.sql: 73 Instructions)


10. Go to your website URL select login and register (first person who registers auto matically becomes the admin)


11. DONE!!!

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Good to cee at LDU Users are active evrywhere.Playing whit LDU since 2001.i am Still Proud that im using LDU and my site members are 2.Btw I am a mod at neocrome.info a Dutch LDU Communication.Greetz,W1ckd

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