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Ipb/invision Power Board Patch all board owners read this

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well I found out some infomation based on a website that got hacked but basically you need to do this in your files in order to prevent some hacking done to your site.

Manually Patching
Open "sources/topics.php" in a text editor.
Circa line: 805

//-----------------------------------------// Highlight...//-----------------------------------------if ($ibforums->input['hl']){$ibforums->input['hl'] = $std->clean_value(urldecode($ibforums->input['hl']));$loosematch = strstr( $ibforums->input['hl'], '*' ) ? 1 : 0;$keywords = str_replace( '*', '', str_replace( "+", " ", str_replace( '-', '', trim($ibforums->input['hl']) ) ) );$word_array = array();$endmatch1 = "";$endmatch2 = "(.)";

Open "sources/search.php"
Circa line: 1499

function convert_highlite_words($words=""){global $std;$words = $std->clean_value(trim(urldecode($words)));

you can also down the files here

this can sprevent some of the hacking of your forums.

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