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Registry Tools And Defragging Tools...best Ones?

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Here's a list of some cleaning tools I find useful:

registry cleaning = Registry First Aid http://www.rosecitysoftware.com/ (not free)

defrag = voptXP http://www.goldenbow.com/index.html (not free)

Lavasoft Ad-Aware PLus = removes spywear (donation expected)

Install a Hosts file to shield against future spywear = http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm (free)
Don't worry about editing the Hosts file. Just download the new one about every 2 weeks. No more spybots!

Install the 2 simple utilities to both Lock and Unlock the Hosts file so no spywear can secretly alter it = http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hostsfaq.htm (free)

In addition to Windows Disk Cleanup I also use McAfee Quick Clean Lite, but Windows Disk Cleanup is pretty much o.k.

Hope some of these ideas are useful to you! They work real well for me.

Tell me about other useful software........

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I agree that these softwares are really usefull...specially, the HOST file...I use it personally and find it really helpful. This HOSTS file makes sure that I dont get unwanted spywares in my machine at all...it blocks those websites which install these spywares.

Along with it I use Java cool software's SpywareBlaster...this is a very very usefull tool..because it does some changes in the registry..and blocks the spyware from being installed.
The best thing about this software is that it never runs in background...it just makes some adjustement in the registry and you need not run that program...you can close it after that.

You can get get this software from this link.

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registry fix for my registry(not free but that wont stop u people)microsoft defrag(of course its free. it comes with the damn computer)windows disk cleanup(^)lavasoft ad-aware(free version)microsoft anti-spyware(free)avg anti-virus(free adition)

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