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Hello Mr. Megaman!

Welcome to the forums! I see that you are new over here and that is why you have just made 5 posts till now and all of them are one-liners (almost).

Being a staff member I'll suggest you that please make yourself comfortable with the forum rules and in those rules you'll find that One-liners and the posts which dont contribute or not liked by any one..not only Admins or mods but even by members and that is the reason why no one except me has replied to this topic of yours.

There are few things I would like to point out about this topic.

1. Topic title and topic description has to be descriptive..which is missing here.
2. Post must be descriptive as well...which is also missing.

So all in all this is not a very good start...My suggestion is that please be descriptive..write as much as you can in your posts..not only that will give you good credits but that will also contribute to the forums.

For your information I am giving you this link which was started by one of our reputed members and that will certainly help you!


One more thing and that is I'm not giving you any warning on this because you are new to forums..so please make yourself comforable and do read the rules by going over here


For any queries feel free to contact staff members!

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I haven't played Diablo 1 or 2 so I couldn't play with you. I do however play Warcraft 3 TFT ;). Whats your account and on what server do you play on. I play on east and my username is Superpower.

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