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Summer Love Part Two

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As if it couldn't get any better he whispered in my ear, in that sexy voice of his, " Will you be my gurl?" My mind screamed the answer, OFCOURSE, definately, YES, but i just whispered back in the sexiest whisper i could muster, " sure, why not."

from summer love part one

i felt like an angel who had just gotten her wings. It was as if i was walking on air. never before had i felt happier. here was this amazingly hot guy and he had asked ME not my friend (who is a natural beauty and normally ALWAYS gets the hot ones) to be his girlfriend. it was too good to be true. after, reluctantly i pulled away from him i went back inside and he followed. it only took a few seconds for me to find the rest of the group. they were in my friends room gathered round the computer screen laughing they're geeky butts off at a downloaded south park episode. as quietly as i could i snuck in and sat behind my friend dan . nobody noticed. then, like the fox he is my new boyfriend snuck in the room and came and sat behind me. he put his legs around me so that i could lean back onto him. and then put his arms around me as if protecting me while at the same time claiming territory. o i thank my cousin so much for convincing me to buy the top i was wearing earlier that day . it was quite a low cut one and in the back it dipped down quite a bit in the back. It showed off my beautifully sun tanned shoulders perfectly and make them look irresistable. well i guess they looked irresistable to him because his lips couldn't help stumbling accross them. you have no idea how ticklish this is. Imagine sitting in church, where you have to be silent during prayer, and having somebody tickle your feet with a giant feather. that might come a near second to the amount of restraint it would take to keep yourself from laughing hysterically. not just that but can you imagine how aroused you would get.!?! he knew what he was doing too. o did he ever. it was part of his aura. aura of arrogance. not arrogant in a bad way. arrogant in the way that makes you want him sooo badly. anyways. so after he regained control of his lips we just sat there a little while just watching and laughing to southpark . well i think that the rest of the gang really honeslty didn't realise that we were in the room with them because at this one point when kenny was in cartmans body and said something like, " ya but carmans fat enough for the both of us " or something i started laughing and almost everybody jumped a foot in the air . my one friend was like . HOLY SH*T where the H*LL did you two come from?!?! this was answered cooly by my other half, we've been here the whole time you n00b, ! then after this shock we went back to watching southpark. i'm going to skip ahead again for a little while because nothing too interesting happened. i was craving cool-aid sooo badly, as much as i didn't want to disturb my hunk from his southpark daze i had to get up. so i went to the kitchen and made sum cool aid. as i was stirring it he came up behind me and put his arms around my waist and kissed my on the neck. if it weren't for that jelly feeling i got everytime he was near my i would have jumped and spilt the juice everywhere. i stopped stirring and turned around so that i was facing him . he had the most beautiful eyes that i have ever seen. the thought clicked in my head as i stood motionless gazing into his eyes. they were such a rich emeral green with a sapphire blue streak through them. i could just stare at them all day. and being an artist you can't imagine how beautiful these eyes seemed to me . i could draw them still now even after all this time and if you knew him you would be able to recognise them instantly. i cant even begin to imagine the thoughts that were going through his head. but i can remember mine. every single one. everything just seemed so clear in that moment. i felt like i knew what i was going to do with my life and everything just became so clear.

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