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Ps2 Or Xbox On Pc

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hi all again! i was looking around and i found out that i can play PS2 games in my PC but every program i download just doesnt work, there are few and all of them dont work and some of them say that i need some kind of bios and it says that i need a software or even to transffer the "bios" from the PS2 to the computer, wll it says to transfer the content from the bios to the computer.So far i havent heard of someone that achieved this process or to play the gaes from a PS2. THerefore i think why to have a software that can play PS2 but no one has played using it. Or any of you guys has achieved this?In some pages it says it is illegal to extract the bios from the PS2, so then how could people in my case (included myself) get a PS2 bios if these are illegal :) ?do you guys have one?Well besides playing PS2 games i also read about playing games from Xbox, but it is also something similar, i don not have a Nvidia video card so i think it can be due to this fact, again the same question i did above, has any one achieved this i mean play Xbox games on the pc?

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you dont mention what ps2 emulator that you are using.
pcsx2 seems to have limited success although it is in its infancy and restricted by the fact that a ps2 game emulator requires a massive ammount of processing power to run ps2 games on the pc at a reasonable speed with decent graphic settings.

If by 'playing' a game, you mean: at full speed with sound, perfect graphics, etc, then NO. Come back next year.
Since this release (PCSX2 0.8) compatibility has increased greatly. Many games will now go 'in-game' or atleast to some form of menu. Whilst games may get 'in-game', they will not run at 'playable' speeds, due to the complex nature of PS2 emulation, and the lack of modern hardware that is powerfull enough to emulate such a console.

Some games that are known to be going 'in-game'.
Beats of Rage v1.0028 [sLPS 66666] (PD - Senile Team)
Bust A Block [sLES 51713] (E)
Capcom VS. SNK 2 [PBPX 95201] (J)
Disgaea - Hour of Darkness [sLUS 20666] (U)
King of Fighters - Maximun Impact [sLUS 20923] (U)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 [sLPM 62227] (J)
Police 24-7 [sLES 50285] (E)
Pool Master [sLES 50052] (E)
Sega Ages 2500 Volume 6 - Bonanza Bros [sLPM 62433] (J)
Sega Ages 2500 Volume 7 - Columns [sLPM 62425] (J)
Sega Ages 2500 Volume 8 - Virtua Racing - Flat Out [sLPM 62443] (J)
SNK vs Capcom - SVC Chaos [sLES 53065] (E)
Street Fighter EX3 [sLUS 20130] (J)
Suikoden III [sLUS 20387] (U)
Super Bust a Move [PBPX 95201] (U)
WTA Tennis Tour USA [sLPM 62046] (J)

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