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Socom 3 Patch Hopefully it fixes everything....

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Well I am hoping that the socom 3 patch will fix and will fix everything that needs fixing on socom 3. Well hopefully we will be able to plant C4 on the tank cuz if we can't thats totally un realistic and its *happy*. Becuz us seals have nothing to blow it up with except the bradley but we barely even use that. In fact if we do use it and if we get blown the hell up then what we suppose to do? Wait it out well what happen your the only one and theres 3 terrorist and there all wonderful people in the tank thinking their invinble or some stuff. Well thats all i gotta say and i hope this patch fixes everything else everybody is complaining about.



Notice from saint-michael:
No swearing the forum you will recieve a warning, also edited the words for some happy thoughts instead.
Edited by Saint_Michael (see edit history)

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