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Can Vb Program Link Access 2000 In My Website?

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Could you make this a little clearer?Do you want to link a program with a remote database,that's available from the some website,or you want your webpage to access a database?

As Inspiron gave you the links,you can use VBScript,but that's not good solution, that is, it doesn't neccessarily work.If for example,user has scripting disabled,VBScript will not execute,and therefore,you won't be able to access that database. In this case,if your webserver is running on windows (very rare,but not unheard of),you can make CGI equivalent in Visual Basic.I will try to find the code,or remember the name,under which this project was released.I am pretty sure you can find this code on Planet Source Code

If you want to use remote database,you can use RDO, or perhaps ADO has the same ability, I'm not sure.


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