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Getting Content To Blog About Good for bloggers and content-rich sites

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There are many ways to build content for your blog. I am just sharing some ways that I have personally used to build content-rich blog for my company. (http://blogasia.biz/)


While I am trying my best to provide as much information as possible, these are not all the ways to do it. I am merely sepeking from the point of a 4 month old blogger. So if you have anything to add to this thread please feel free to do so.


1) Feeds.

Also commonly known as RSS / XML / Syndication etc. What ever it is .. these are merely ways of grabbing information from a website / blog that have these functions build into them


I am not too good at the mechanics of this but basically it is way of reading articles from the website without going to the website. It needs a site to support this technlogy, and an aggregator to read it. You can read more at::





Personally, I am using Bloglines to read my feeds.


While it will really be too much of a task to explain Bloglines, you can find some useful information at their HELP Section.


Basically, if you see any sites with these ::

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image


You can right-click and copy the URL into your Feeds Aggregator.


Another Feed Aggregator will be Newsgator.COM


2) News Sites

Well the fact of trend now is for reputable news provider to offer Feeds to their readers.


Unfortunately, some crappy sites like AsiaOne do not provide such a service on their free sites.


So, you've gotta visit them regularly. (A good way for them to boost 'readership' and increase their page-view rates)


Well .. you can bookmark them on your PC. Or, if you are moving around, you may wanna find some online bookmarking tools.


I used to love Del.icio.us a lot .. until I found SPURL.


If you are using Firefox, like me, you can get the SPURL extension. It will allow you to add a page to your bookmarks by simply right-clicking and choose the "Spurl this Page" Option. Really neat stuff. Get it here ::



They will also have some popular bookmarks by their subscribers which can be used as an insight to what are people bookmarking.


Probably a sub-topic since I talked about Firefox. There is 2 Features that makes Firefox an excellent tool for researching. Tab-bowsing and "Bookmark all Tabs in a Folder" option.


Check out Tab Browsing at ::



What I usually do when doing a search is that I'll open the links on 1 search result in different tabs. So at the end of it all I'll just need to click on the Book mark button and choose the "Bookmark all Tabs in a Folder" option. All the sites that are relevant to that searches are automaitcally stored in a folder.


Oh .. another function I missed is the Open in Tabs Option for bookmarks in that folder. So in the future, I'll just go to that folder, choose that option, and all those pages will automatically opened in the various tabs.


Don't get what I mean? Well .. install FF and try it out for yourself and you'll know.

3) Search Engines

Many major search engines nowadays have a "Hottest Search" page


Yahoo ::



Lycos ::



Goggle :: On weekly basis



Blog Search Engines ::

Technorati ::






Well that's all for now. I'll need to give you some time to digest all these. I'll probably get back to this topic again shortly. I really did not realise that there are so much more to write as I am writing this.


Please feel free to add on or comment.



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