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Sig Request For Elegost

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Hey guys, Im looking for a sig. I tried making my own, but lets juts say it sucked. Hers sort of what I want:

Size: 400x100
Theme: "Firey", flames ect.
Render: Dont really care
Render Theme: Games, I like GuildWars
Color: Black, Grey, and Dark Orange
Text: I just Want it to say Elegost
Other effects: An explosion would be nice... you decide

Somthing sort of "Guildwarsish" (GuildWars is my favorite game) Guildwars's website is Here for ideas if you want. Leats just say im a dark person. I like black and grey, and a fire efect would be nice on it. I open to new stuff so you can descide really what you want to do. I dont really know much about different affects and all that. I dont really know what the "Normal" size for sigs are, but
400x100 looks nice to me.

Let me know what you can do.

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