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Socom 3 Good Or Bad? SO awnser...

Socom 2 good or bad?  

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Well ive been hearing its *BLEEP* so far so back em up lol...Having the huge maps is nice with the 16vs16 people but onces down to 1v1 takes a hell of long time (more than 30 mins sometimes)no sure shot...Dont know about lag so inform me...and i think theres other limitations too... but so far my overall of the socom 3 game is that it sucks **bottom**...and has all the same bugs and *BLEEP* as socom 2 and 1....in my opinion zipper should have waited until ps3 came out and released it then and got rid of all the *darn* bugs.. they should have instead updated socom 2 and made it more injoyable (fixed the bugs/gliches) and lag problems too...but on zippers hand they had to support all the game servers... (thats alot of money and bandwidth...)so it was smart on there part but w/e it was there call...

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