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2 New Free Mmropgs 2.5d & Full 3d

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Where to Start. Okay well first I'd like to thank Everyone Who has helped with the Server and getting everythinng back up and running after some people hijacked my server. And yes we Lost almost all Our Players. So Here's what we are Offering. Oh I'd also like to thank evangelion33 from NutsOnline for his contribution of his mechanics.


The Servers-

We Currently Have 2 Servers, One Ragnarok One Lineage 2.

Redemption - 3GHZ, 1 Gig Ram, 10Mbit Port, 40 GIG HD

Perditration (NeW) Lineage 2 C3 - 3.2GHZ, 2 Gig Ram, 100Mbit Port (Yar Baby Watch me Dl Anime on this, maybe one day when it's located in my home T.T) 120 GIG HD 10000RPM



Server Rates: 50/50/10

Guild Wars: Monday(8-10 PM EST), Wednesday(7-9 PM EST), Friday(7-8 PM EST), Saturday(3-5 PM EST)

Max Base lvl: 255

Max Job lvl: 70


::Custom Features Preview - Over 100 Custom Features

Covens - Depending on Which Coven you Choose at the start you can go on quests for that coven enchanting your coven item to make it more powerful

Soul Stones - Stones that were used in the Realm Wars that were discovered by the Writer, they posses the ability to turn you into a monster.

Spirirt Stones - 1 Shot Soul Stones.

Maximum - Upgraded Versions of your Favourite Gear and Equipment


::Custom Items Preview - Over 300 Custom Items

Angelus Harp - A blessed harp once carried by the Valkyrie warriors.

Axe of the Oath - An extremely powerful battle axe that is said to be blessed with the holy spirit.

Book of Ages - An ancient book full of lost lore.

Karaya - Daggers like these were normally made for members of the Karaya Clan; a clan created solely for the Novice class.

EverFrost Bow - Enchanted by the Gods long ago, this bow is said to control the forces of ice.

Autocast Level 5 Frost Diver


::Over 2000 Custom Npcs

::Over 500 Different Quests

::99% Upime GUARANTEE

::Friendly Staff of GMs

::Updates Once a Week for Minumum Downtime

::Administrator has 2 Years of Experiance



Server Rates: 25x 25x 25x 10x

Connect IP: perditration.com


- New Server so you Can Rise to the Top!

- Full support Lineage C3 client

- New C4 maps/mobs/items/quest...

- Support Siege castle

- Support strider/wyvern

- Custom Luxruy Store

- Custom Stores in Dion

- Gambling




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