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The Battle For Wesnoth exellent turn based game

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Game name: The Battle For Wesnoth

Official Site at : http://www.wesnoth.org/


This game provide many many different country languages.

It has beed updated for several tenth of times

Of course it is a free game :D


There are many developers from different countries.

I think over one hundred and you are welcome to join them.

PC4war - a game magazine has introduced this game :-P


It provide Campaign , Multiplayer and also map editor. :P


Some features:

There are different nations for you to choose.

Each nation has different characters and troops.

You need to capture villages to earn money.

You need to bring your king to castle to build tropp.

Units can be Recruit and Recall.

They can get can some experiences from fighting.

Of course they will level up if get enough experiences.

Their faces will hence be changed. (more handsome :D )


I strongly encourage you to try to play this game.^^

Hope to meet you in the game~~ :P

Go to official site to download the game setup file.


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Why don't you give some comments on this game?? :) Here dont have like to play turn-based game players ???:) Most of you love action games or RPG~~ = =||

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