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Ngage Games Review Description about ngage games.

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Hi Friends,
That is mine first post bcoz i m new to this board,As given in the Forum rules i will take care of all rules,trying not to add any post that violate the forum rules,so now i am writting little about Ngage console by nokia team.the 3dgames for ngage.

games are:
X-Men Legends
System Rush
Xanadu Next
WWE After shock
The Roots
Worms World Party
and many more on ngage official site

Official site link is:


So check it out for latest games and other info about Arena.
Sorry for mine bad ENG.

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Hey coolwaves4all! Welcome to the forums.It is nice to know that someone has a taste like mine. Yeah that is a good collection of games...do you have those games?I think you wrote the topic as N-gage games reviews...so you must have reviewed the game as well.Anyways...it is good that you read the Rules and TOS...becasue it is really imp. to keep you account active and making sure that you contribute in the forum.Take CareMayank

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I completely disagree that ngage is not a gud fone.......its awsome, i mean , except camera, u can get litraly everythin in ngage, built in radio, mp3, sterio speakers n most of all GAMES!...i think it wrox!neways ppl, do u guys know that virtuacop for ngage is out!Its kinda gud game...similar to that of PC

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