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LeAnn Rimes My Angel

X-men: Children Of The Atom Another Favourite Game of Mine.

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I was at home this past weekend playing this old but fun game it's alot of fun. And the number one character I like to play as in there the most is "Akuma". It's so cool playing as him and in a way I think I am playing as "Shin or Super Akuma" because he throws 2 air fire-balls. And I descovered recently that people can play as both Juggernaut and Magneto in X-Men: Children of The Atom for Playstation 1. If any of you want to know how to play as Juggernaut or Magneto in the game let me know and I will post it here in this topic. It's really fun playing as Magneto in the game both he and Akuma are my 2 favourite characters to use in the game. I haven't challenged anyone while fighting as Magneto but I do hope to someday see if anyone can beat me as him or not. I always find this game alot of fun and sometimes very addicting sometimes because I can play all night on it if I want to.

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