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My Halloween Theme Park Bash!

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Welcome foolish mortals to my Halloween Bash. I went from Paramounts to chocholate town Herseypark to my Six Flags Home Park. Today you will find out my exciting Gadv trip from the huge waits to being hitmatised! So get ready for Six Flags Great Adventure.It was Friday Nite. Very Cold indeed probably low 30s. We where going at 8pm to get a little scared. Entering the park lines where huge! Luckly season pass holders have there entrance. Once there we where greated with signs saying Go Home and such. Spider webs all over the buildings. Windows broken and cover. Buildings repainted. Men in scary costumes. The old water fountain turn into the blood fountain! A Huge monster greating you at the entrance. Lightning effects everywhere. Fog launching in your face. Here screams of the nite. Wow a lot of things lol. Anyway we went to Medusa for me and my friend warm up coaster.There the lights have been changed to fire! Spiderwebs everywhere. Pumpkins and a lot of places. People scaring people. For fun we took the long route in the junk yard. There we got scared of couse lol. Then we went pass the Kiss ARMY concert. Here we will rock all nite song. Then pass the graveyard not as scary but great effect. From there we head toward Medusa. Of couse the lighting of the park has been changed to spooky colors. Now when we saw Medusa my mouth drop! The lines was the biggest line i have ever seen until Saturday but you will find out more in a bit. Well we got in line. To pass the time we just made jokes and such. Still it was freexing exspecially in just a long sleve shirt and genes! Now been a half hour and we notice Kingda Ka is being testing and knew it would not open that nite. A Hour later the line was moved to as big as it can fit. People cutting suitcurty trying there best it was not great. Looking at Medusa they did nice little Halloween themeing for it. Looks like a nice theme not as good as the entrance. People where scaring people to in the line so it was fun. Like 2 hours later we went in line being squeezed like a sandwich. We somehow got to the front line for the front and oly two people so we got on the next train. We realised no one could get to the front for so much people crowding around. The first tiny drop like 5 feet to the lift chain hill blew ice cold wind in our faces and we look at each other. We knew this would be one of the coldest coasters of are lives!The drop was like hitting a bag of ice in your face. It made you felt frozen. Well the ride was great like always. But we where froozen! My hands i could not move lol. Are faces stuck in this ice shape. It really hurt. After this we disiced to cool down in a indoor ride. We went to the new 3D ride for Halloween Superstition staring Eliva The Scream Park. The wait was like 20min so not bad. The ride was warm and it was ok. I think it could have been better in 3D glasses. After this we hit a small ride that makes you go upside down. Freezing still and now hungry we went to Nathens for a large Cheese Fries. It was good. Then we went back to the camp around 11pm park closing!Next Morning we went to the park at the opening. We first hit Superman, it was ok not the best ride like always but good for a warm up coaster. Then we hit Great American Scream Meachine. On the lift chain we where staring right at the sun and it hurt your eyes badly. But the ride was good. After this we went to see if Kingda Ka was bad wait. The wait was in front of the Golden Kingdom at the Boardwalk! It was more then six hour wait! We did not even try to go on but instead we went to hit the Houdini Ride which was a 10min wait. Then we went to eat lunch.Yes all ready 12pm! Day goes fast with huge lines. Well i had a Chicken Salad sandwich. Yummy good. Then we got back to the park and got my exit passes for rides for i knew it was just going to be bigger and bigger. The way back we say hundreds of Signs saying this:Attention Six Flags Visitors:Due to the popularity of Fright Fest the park is extremly crowed. Because of this most or all rides will have a longer wait then usual. Thanks for the Understaing.Well i had it hit Nitro. Walking we notice Skull Mountain line was out of the mountain and rap around. That was huge! Must be hours. Well we went to Nitro. At Skull MOUNTAIN! The lines we that far back. A 5 hour wait. Being amazed we got the exit passes and we to the exit. A huge area on the side of Nitro is block off for the Haunted Hayride. Well we got to the exit and got on. We skip a 5 hour lines for 1min! The ride was awesome. It was the warmest part of the day 3 so it felt good. It was nice to feel the sudden drop. Now after this we had to get a time for Batman the ride. There we met Elvis walking down from the stage! He said thank you, thank you very much!Now we went to a hitmatising show. I got to be a voulenteer, get ready to laugh. I remember this Welcome everyone can you please close you hands and stair at them. Then i remember later him saying thank you for coming to the show and everyone was leaving so i was clueless. My mom bought the video of the show with me feeling like something happen! People started laught at me and i notice my pants where on backwards. Later on watching the video they made me make my pants on backwards and made me do Mr. Six! Wow it really work being clueless.Anyway after the show i remember everything before the show, so we went to Batman the Ride. A little late 5min but we got on. The Ride operators where so stress from so much people. Anyway we got on and it was great but starting to get cold since it was 6pm. Walking ghouls and such started to come out. We head right for dinner. But first my mom we met up with had a secret. We got to Kingda Ka and with the fast pas line which was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got on. We got second row on Kingda Ka at 8pm. The first time i ever went at nite freezing. My hood pin to the back of the seat and me being froozen on KK was awesome. Seeing the park at nite is great at 456ft up!After this we went to eat dinner. Burger and fries i had whi;e my friend had a huge pizza lol. Well we went home getting ready for my part two of my adventure. Well that was my Six Flags trip!Mysterio

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