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Ntl:home... Tut Tut... Humph

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ntl:home... the british cable supplier, rigging homes around the UK with telephone lines, cable TV and broadband. This all sounds good and purty, but the service you get from it is absolutely appauling! I was on the broadband medic tool earlier today trying to see if my cpanel access problems were anything to do with my ISP. I couldn't find anything in the FAQ's, so I went onto the live support chat. I tried and tried toget on, but couldn't. I thought to myself 'They are all on the toilet, silly peeps'. Eventually, i got through, and waited. Eventually, after 10 minutes of bordem, I finally got through to 'Technician Ben'. As helpfull as he seemed, he was rather... how should I put it... a sandwhich short of a picnic? I swear he didn't know what he was doing. Eventually he ended the convo with 'Sorry mate, I can't help you.' Humph! I waited for over 10mins for that!My family pay good money to use ntl's many services. But the customer support, as I have mentioned above is awful. AND you thought it couldn't get any worse? If you call their support number you end up waiting in an endless que for about 1h just to get through to a technician.Also, the cable tv box takes about 5 minutes to start up. And when it finally starts up, you have to wait another 2 mins for it all to fully get through to you! (interactive etc.). And, if you are unlucky, the box will freeze, causing you to re-boot it and wait for another 5 minutes!!Anyhoo, I think I will stay with them... for now ^_^ . On the bright side, the phone is good value and the internet is fast :lol:JohnBoy

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