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If you're like most PC gamers, you've spent some time with the RollerCoaster Tycoon series. While the sequel didn't radically change the game, and the third entry had a few technical difficulties, it's still quite a popular series, thanks to the solid, streamlined mechanics and the cheerful, friendly atmosphere. With the move to 3D, we can treat ourselves to any camera angle, including the first-person perspective, which is a great "you are there" effect.

But the question remains: With so much ground covered in the various installments and their expansion packs, what's left? Are we only going to get 3D versions of previous content? Well, I have no crystal ball in front of me, but Wild!, the latest exclamated expansion in the series, due out this Fall, offers up some unique charms of its own.

Keep in mind that you're still running an amusement park, though. This is not a proper zoo simulator -- Frontier says it's not interested on stepping on the toes of Zoo Tycoon and other games in that category. As with Soaked!, this expansion just adds more stuff, instead of altering the fundamental design. In addition to the water parks, you can now build animal enclosures, cages, and attractions like a choreographed lion tamer show set in an arena. The little ones can ride on elephants, and the whole family can ride an SUV on a Jurrasic Park-style guided rail taking them right past untamed beasts of six different varieties.

As long as you keep the animals fed and have the new Animal Keeper staff member maintaining the grounds, things shouldn't get too out of hand. Animals will occasionally escape, requiring you to take them down with a tranquilizer gun, in the style of a sniper in a helicopter, just like they do in the wild. You'll also want to make sure not to house the giraffes with the tigers, as the carnivores won't hesitate to sample the local fare that walks on four legs.

Thankfully, that shouldn't be a problem, since you can easily fence off separate wild animal areas. Set down the facility buildings, place an Animal Keeper or two, and that's the bulk of it. You can also play a little with the animals, giving them toys, poking them awake, and even tickling them, which I'm sure the lions think is a riot. The animals will breed, and you can sell them -- or have them adopted by the park goers, if they're on an endangered list. You can also set up viewing sections if you want to make money from the animals, or just set up preservation space, which has the side benefit of making you feel all warm and fuzzy.

With two new themes, Jungle and Prehistoric, you can also decorate things so that the animals and rides sections flow together smoothly. You'll also get the usual extra content that comes in an expansion, like nine new scenarios, eight new coasters, eighteen flat rides, and four transport rides, including a huge paddle steamer.

There's also two radically new coaster types. One has two coasters running side-by-side and splitting off, and another has the cars hanging off of a robot arm that you can choreograph to swivel and twist for some decidedly squishy G-force effects. Both of these designs are based on coasters that are actually being developed, which I find pretty darned wild (no pun intended).

Whatever it is about the RCT games that grabs you, there's probably something new in Wild! for you. It's still the strongest amusement park simulation, and it will be great to finally have some animals to work with, beyond the petting zoo.

This is from http://www.ign.com/articles/2005/08/15/rct3-wild-preview
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