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Capcom "beloved Fighting Franchise" On The Ps3

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ctrl+f, capcom

Could it be...? Shall we be finally seeing a Street Fighter 4?


Well.. Capcom of Japan did sell their SF rights to Capcom of USA sometime back... but what fighting franchise could CAPCOM belove more than their SF?

Does this sound more like a Sony fanboy's wet-dream bablings, rather than a realistic analysis of what's to come? As was mentioned, most developers have been publicly commenting on how hard the next-gen systems are to code for, especially the PS3. This sounds way too much like the "amazingly easy" Emotion Engine fiasco all over again, from the PS2. ~_~

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well i wasn't really to fond of SFIII it was ok but the alpha series pretty much clean up what the original series didn't do plus its hard to compete even though some of the current ones are haning by a thread aka mortal kombat virtual fighter and soul calibur but it should be interesting with SCIII with character creation.

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