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As I Bid You Farewell a poem for my grandmother

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As I Bid you Farewell

for my grandmother who passed away

:) (for viewing purposes only...want to use it on a layout or something? tell me)


As I bid you farewell,

Tears of mine could tell

The gloom I?ve been keeping inside


Farewell made me remember

This bold feeling oh so somber

It made my mixed emotions collide


I felt your warmth, so real

Happiness, it was what you made me feel

When I was there by your side


Now I felt the coldness

And heard the loudness

While I, in sadness, slowly cried


Now I should wipe my tears

But I couldn?t, after all those years

You made me try, and, yes, I tried


To reach for my goals

To maintain all my roles

While I was there by your side


Now, I should say

Pardon me if you may

I would like to confide


In you all these thoughts

All the dreams that I?ve sought

Rising up like the tides


As I look up to you

You?ve made me blue

And now you?ve left me, I sighed


Now it is quite clear

You are needed there, oh dear

And now I mustn?t hide


High up there, above,

The stars twinkle with so much love

In the Heavens where you now reside




For it is what He has planned

Like air to water, sand to sand

We kiss the hand of the one who guides


Our time and fate

Never so early, never so late

For it is only He who must decide


For in everything, there is a reason

In rhymes of truth and stabs of treason

This life we are in is truly pied


These are what I really feel

This time is best that I reveal

My thoughts of you now open wide


And as I bid you farewell,

I?ve told you what I need to tell

With so much feelings and pride

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Uhh..great job. :) We have a song with exact same beat...Request: May we use the words? We will give you appropriate credit.(That will save us 8 hrs. of work)

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We're going to put it in a song, maybe going to go on our next album if it's good enough. Of course, we're going to make some changes...nothing's perfect.

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