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View Connection Settings/connections How to view connections to your computer

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This topic will explain how you can view who's currently connected to your computer and how to view your main computer settings for internet usability.

Note: this will probably be pretty basic stuff to people who are into computers, but this is likely to help for those people who are interested in finding out more info about their internet connection but don't know a lot about how to find it out.

Well, on windows xp and I believe earlier systems (I only use xp) there's a nice little program called netstat, which isn't a win32 (windows) program really. It runs in an application/operating system called Dos. To execute this progra,/operating system, you need to click on Start, then click on Run, then type 'cmd' (without the quotes).

To view current network connections: Load up the Dos Command prompt (Start>>run>>cmd) then type 'netstat /n'. This will list all the ips (foreign ips) that are connected to your own computer (local ip). If you would like more information about the foreign ip, such as host name, perform the same task as above but don't use the /n, just use 'netstat'.

If you would like to view information about what your local ip is, you can perform another command, but this time using the ip configuration wizard.
To do this, load up dos (Start>>Run>>cmd) then type 'ipconfig /all' (without the quotes). This will then show all information abuot your local computer settings, such as your local ip settings.
If you want just your local ip, then just type 'ipconfig' at the dos prompt.

A final task you may wish to perform is to check your isp's 'external ip', which is the ip address found to websites when you access them.
A nice site showing your ip is whatismyip.com.

I hope this helps those people who are interested but didn't know how to do it :huh:

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