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Networking Tutorial: File And Printer Sharing A basic computer networking tutorial

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Network Setup: Newbie Install


Click start, then right click computer


Ensure that the full computer name is memorable and that each machine is on the same workgroup.


After you've done this, you are ready to configure advanced features, such as file and printer sharing.



Adding a Printer






Firstly, you need to configure your printer (on the machine which is directly connected to the printer) for printer sharing. Click start, control panel, printers/scanners, then right click on your local printer and click 'properties'. Browse to the sharing tab, check 'share this printer' and specify a share name, such as EPSON or PRINTER. Finally, click APPLY.




Click start, control panel, printers/scanners then add printer. (On the remote machine (the machine which have the wireless card/adaptor)).


Next, check the 'network printer' option.


Check the 'connect to this printer' circle then enter the following, without the quotes, entering details which are in brackets. "\\(COMPUTERNAME)\(PrinterShareName)"


Click next, select the relevant printer from the list then follow the rest of the onscreen instructions.



File Sharing


On the file server (computer which has the files you wish to share) click START, CONTROL PANEL, Network connections, right click your connection and click properties. Ensure that the file sharing box is ticked. If it isn't, tick it then click apply.


Adding Shortcuts To Desktop


Browse to desktop, right click an empty space, and click new, then shortcut.


In location of file, enter \\ComputerName\SharedDocs (WHERE computername is the name of the file server)


IF it cannot find it, ensure that your shared documents folder is called SharedDocs. (Which it is by default)


Finally, click next and follow through the rest of the onscreen instructions.


Final note: the workgroup must be the same on all computers.

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