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Gaming Security playing online safley

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After long and hard research Antihack has came to understand online gaming. The security behind it however is complex. You have bad packets that can be sent to an online gaming server in order to do harm. You got cookies, active X controls and Java, follow by mime objects. At the end youll find program execution. These are the biggest vulnerabilities in the gaming world. It took us two years of research to complete a good security package for online gaming. All I can tell you is if you can block all of the above you will be completely secure while you are online playing games. Of course you must have a firewall to stop normal intrusion attempts. Beyond that viruses are your biggest worry this I can help you with. Go to http://www.avira.com/en/free-antivirus-windows and download antivir. If Antivir doesnt stop it your in trouble. And no Norton Antivirus is not good if you want proof email me I will send you a virus to place on a computer protected by Norton then after norton doesnt find it Ill suggest you install Antivir and watch the virus come out fo hiding. This particular virus I am talking about captures information about anyone entering or leaving you computer. Now if you had a server this would be a problem right?Go Antivir or Go home. Did I mention it was completely free!!!!! Didnt think so

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