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Remember Dreams Come True

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This time for real i am making a video for RCT3. I just downloaded the soundtrack to RCT3, got 200 fireworks made for it, and a superb castle. This will be 18min and a heck good video. It is being made after the firework show at Disneyland called Remember Dreams Come True! It will be great. For all who never seen the show you can see it at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. Great video on it. I will have great effect on the show and more. Here is the parts in the show.

Intro -
Julie Andrews talk and few songs then Walt Disney opens Disneyland

Disneyland Railroad -
A Disneyland Railroad segment

Main Street Electrical Parade -
Main Street Electrical Parade full of bright beautiful lasers and colorful fireworks.

Tiki Tiki Room -
Listen to the great song with fireworks on the Tiki Tiki Room!

Inidiana Jones -
Inidiana Jones part which you will just love!

Haunted Mansion -
Welcome Foolish Mortals to the Haunted Mansion!

Pirates of the Carribean -
Arg ye scallywags welcome aboard ye pirates!

Wishes -
Song from Walt Disney World Wishes

Frontierland -
Song from the Wildwest theme.

ToonTown -
fireworks more crazy and crazy with toontown!

Star Wars -
Great Star Wars part!

Ending -
Best part with the grand finale and it is great!

I cant wait to star showing you screens and videos!


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Update 1:


Sleeping Beauty Castle has just been finish! Matterhorn is completed and the backdrop is done, also music being started. I just downloaded all the fireworks i need and i just got the Mickey Head firework! Also i just started the intro yes! I plan to get some screens as soon as possible. If any question please post here. Thanks!

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Update 2:


Sorry for triple posting but when i get a update i have to put it on. ;) Now i just got the music and it is on! I am so happy about it. So now my first video of a preview should be here next update. I am done to the Tiki Tiki Room! Enjoy your magical day! :)

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Remember Dreams Come True!

Posted Image

By: Dizney Productions


After my long waited video i have started my video Remember Dreams Come True! This is from Disneyland in Califorina 50th Anniversary Firework show with your host Julie Andrews. You go threw many rides from Disneyland, movies, and so much more. This is great video you got to watch. I got the castle done and fireworks ready and done. I just need the sondtrack if you get the soundtrack please send it to me. Must be the exact same of the show, Thanks and please reply me tips and more. Here is the pic of the castle with my shooting star fireworks and mickey head. Tell me how they look and please if you have the music send it here. Please.


Well more about the video. Here is the parts:


Julie Andrews/ Intro

I Wish

Walt Disney Speech

Disneyland Railroad

Main Street Electrical Parade

Tiki Tiki Room

Indiana Jones

Haunted Mansion




Star Wars

Julie Andrews/ Ending


http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ This is the castle over view. Just a question or two tho. How do i make this normal speed and on Windows Movie Maker how do i cut off the tool bar?


Updates Log:


Update 1: Music now on.


Update 2: Intro complete and screens!


Update 3: Main Street Electrical Parade is nearly completed.


Update 4: Preview Video


Update 5: Haunted Mansion is Done! Check in for more updates.


Update 6: ToonTown is done!

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