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[kubi Request] Sig Wanted! For my WoW Character Felakin

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Theme: Grunge.
Renders: Games
Comments: I have a Paladin named Felakin in the World of Warcraft He is now level 57 and soon to hit the max level in the game. And I need a SIG for him to use on various forums. Some screenshots from the game you can find here.Screenshoots of Felakin.

My character name is Felakin and need to be on the SIG.

And I am also member of the guild Niflheim and want that to show someplace on the SIG.

If possible I would be really :huh: if a forum avatar at the size 100x100 pixels also could be created in the same theme as the SIG.

Many regards from Patrik Holmqvist a.k.a. Felakin in Sweden

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