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Need For Speed Underground Cheats Look them they are good

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:ph34r: Cheat List

In order to enter these codes select "statistics" option at the main menu, then press Delete or Backspace and go back to the main menu. You can now enter the following codes:   gimmesomecircuits - Unlock Circuits
  gimmesomesprints - Unlock Sprint Circuits
  gimmesomedrag - Unlock Drag Circuits
  needmylostprophets - Unlock Lost Prophets
  havyamystikal - Unlock Mystikal
  gimmeppablo - Unlock Petey Pablo
  gotcharobzombie - Unlock Rob Zombie
  allmylvloneparts - Unlock Level 1 Upgrades
  allmylvl2parts - Unlock Level 2 Upgrades
  119focus - Unlock Car
  893neon - Unlock Car
  899eclipse - Unlock Car
  371impreza - Unlock Car
  222lancer - Unlock Car
  922sentra - Unlock Car
  667tiburon - Unlock Car
  334mygolf - Unlock Car
  77peugeot - Unlock Car
  777rx7 - Unlock Car
  350350z - Unlock Car
  111skyline - Unlock Car
  221miata - Unlock Car
  2000s2000 - Unlock Car
  889civic - Unlock Car
  228supra - Unlock Car
  240240sx - Unlock Car
  342integra - Unlock Car
  239celica - Unlock Car
  973rsx777 - Unlock Car

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In addition to Cmats note, quotes added, not your content.

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