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Alien Abduction sorta...

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This is my personal account of an alien abduction(or just a hallucination).It was about 11pm. I was watching a movie, when suddenly I got this bad feeling in my gut. I had been off my medication for about 2 weeks since the pharmacy wouldn't pay for any more pills for me. Yes, I am schizophrenic, but please don't discredit my account just yet. I thought to myself that this was going to be another bad schizophrenic episode, since my pills wore off. So I decided to drive myself to the hospital which had a mental ward in it. I'd been there once before. While I was driving, I got lost and ended up at a different hospital, St. Vincents Hospital which was about 10 blocks away.They brought me in and asked me a bunch of questions, how am I feeling, things like that. I told them I was feeling very agitated, anxious, and irritable. It seemed like a normal schizophrenic episode to me. Except that gut feeling of course.They wheeled me upstairs and laid me down in a bed. It turns out the other hospital with the mental ward was in deferment, they werent taking any morepatients. Anyway, I was lying in bed Wide awake, and the nurse was doing something at her desk. There was a guard sitting in front of my bed since I was on suicide watch. I had been laying there about 1 hour after they hooked me up to an IV, and gave me several shots to try and ease the hallucinations.Next thing that I remember was the feeling of many tiny little hands under me pushing up on me, and I felt like I was being levitated. I felt like I had gone 3-4 feet above my bed, but when I looked down, I was still on my bed.I looked up and the guard turned into a troll-type creature. His face was rutted and rough. After looking at him for awhile and being impressed with the realism, another creature emerged. I could half see the hospital and half see this creature with a different background behind him. It was a gray. He was about 5 feet tall, grayish-tan skin, his arms and legs and torso were slenderand he had a large upside down triangle shaped head. The top of his head was comprised of 3 waves, one on both sides and one wave in the middle. The top of his head was wavy and lumpy. I remember him having large slanted, black almond-shaped eyes. A small nose, and a small mouth. At this time I think I was outside, or in the spacecraft already, but the grays were using mind control to make me think I was still in bed.The creature raised his hand towards me and he must have cast some kind of spell on me, or telepathically disabled me, because I blacked out, and after that I do not remember anything for the next 2 hours.Later on, I found myself back in my hospital bed, and the nurse came to check up on me. She asked me, "How are you doing?" and I told her, "I'm hallucinating." because I thought thats what was happening. These gray aliens have some kind of mind control techniques they use on us, making us believe and think everything is as it should be when really they are doing stuff to us. We don't realize exactly what happened to us until months or years later, because of the amnesia they give us. That is the only explanation I can come up with. Those aliens had control of the nurse, the guard and more importantly, me, and possibly the whole hospital to conduct the abduction. What made me realize it was not a hallucination was the stark detail I remember of the alien, and the levitation feeling. In reality I was being picked up and carried into the spaceship, but what did I see? > I saw myself still in a hospital bed. Simply amazing. Amazing creature too. I'll never forget this experience, and I have yet to find out thru hypnosis just exactly what happened during those 2 hours of lost time.One thing I believe now is you dont have to be home alone in your own bed to get abducted. You can be anywhere, anytime, with anybody. Could have been an alien abduction, but also, I think its quite possible that I was seeing into a different dimension, like the fourth dimension. Transcending time and space. Or is that I was merely hallucinating, brought on by my schizophrenia.Xadoflitan

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