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What Is A Taranchula Hawk? Something I learned in zoology class

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A couple of days a go in my zoology class I learned about a rather unique insect. Its called a Taranchula Hawk. It is a wasp. This wasp has a rather unique way to spread its species. During the day it acts like any other wasp and feeds on flower nectar. At night it seeks out taranchula's burrows. It uses its feelers to entice the taranchula out. Sometimes the taranchula is too smart for it and won't come out. However if the taranchula is not smart it will come out. And a amazing dance ensues. If the wasp gets the better of the taranchula then it stings the taranchula until its docile. However it does not kill it. It then goes into the taranchula's burrow and does some rearranging and house cleaning. Mainly taking some rocks and dirt out and clearing the opening more. Once its done with the house cleaning the wasp stings the taranchula some more to make sure it stays docile and deposits it back into the burrow. The wasp leaves a little surprise however for the taranchula. There is an egg left on the the taranchula or in the burrow and when the larvae hatches it has a nice large meal to begin its life. I found this very interesting.

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