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Does Anyone Have A Tapwave Zodiac?

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Hey everyone,I'm trying to find fellow Tapwave Zodiac owners who can point me toward some resources that will help me mod my Zodiac. I've had mine for about a year, and have recently come to find out that the manufacturing company, Tapwave, just went out of business a couple of months ago. They didn't really publicize it (they only posted their condolences on their website, and then promply shut it down), and now I'm stuck with a great palm/gaming console, but no support. If anyone can point me toward some helpful websites/resources, I'd be really grateful.

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No one has a Tapwave Zodiac?

Dang, well anyways, I found some resources for people who have them, but don't want to post:

Tapland: http://www.tapland.com/ - they seem to keep a tab on things, and are constantly updating their site. It's a real active community, and they even found a company that is willing to refurbish, and fix your zodiac should anything go wrong with it.

A tapwave user group:

As a side note, I'm still really happy with my zodiac, even though the company went out of business. It's a really solid piece of equipment that I use more for the palm capabilities, although I recognize that it's a kick a$$ gaming console as well. To me, it's better than the PSP, simply b/c it has the palm operating system, and it's smaller and sleeker. Anyways, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I'll answer with the best of my abilities.

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