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I Have A Question About The Song Diamonds And Rust

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recently i discover a song DIAMONDS AND RUST and i fall in love for the voice that sing it, the problem is that i dont have the information about composer, year etc. Somebody told me that this song is of Judas Priest but i have music of Judas Priest and te voice is not equal, later other people tell me that Diamonds and Rust was interpretated for many bands and singers.


the question is ?from who is the original version? ?what is the better version?




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Yehr, Sorry, I only knew that Judas Priest sang it. And you must be able to tell Rob's voice apart. Is it Live? Because I saw Priest live and he sounds much different live. So no sorry, Priest sand it first, but that's all I know. If you have the date of the song, I think, it was on 'Sad wings of destiny' which is about 1981 I think. Sorry I cant help much.

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