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Stormbrazer (runescape) Anti-rpking clan - no requirements

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In case you don't want to read everything under, here's a brief summary:


We are anti-pkers. We want to recruit new members, regardless of their skills and experience. We will accept everyone who takes their time filling out our application. The address is at the bottom of this post.


now, over to the longer version.



Anti-pk?ing is a form of pk?ing (yes, misleading name, but anyway) where you don't attack random people. Further information can be found in our forums.


We don't look for apk'ers only. We welcome, merchants, GFX artists, writers, and all sorts of people who just want to be in a clan for different reasons. We will host RS and non-RS competitions, fun events, skill events, races, wars (eventually, when the leader have find a suitable clan to provoke) and do our best to include every member. There will be clan jobs (a scheme which has yet to prove successful) and chances to advance in our ranks.


Your level and experience don?t matter; all we ask is that you follow our rules. We want this clan to be open to everyone who wishes to be in it, not just people with high skills. Therefore we haven?t set any requirements, other than that you take time to fill out the application for joining.


Until the 16th of September, all member forums will be viewable for non-registered users. After that, we will take in all applications and guests will only have access to the guest forum.


If you have questions or comments, feel free to post; I'll be checking back on this thread.




Lune Error


Our address: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Stormbrazer/index.php

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