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Overclocks And Mods Tell me about yours

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Everyone brag about your overclocked or modified hardware on this thread :)



CPU: AMD Athlon? 64 Processor 3200+ (10x CPU multiplier x 242 MHz FSB @ 2419.9 MHz)


Motherboard: Elitegroup(ECS) K8 755-A2 1.0G Modified


Memory: Kingston 512 MB of PC2700 DDR SDRAM (2-3-3-7 @ 201.7 MHz)


Graphic: eVGA NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 AGP 8x 128 MB (250 + 48 @ 298 MHz Core, 400 + 65 @ 465 MHz Memory)

Sound: Sound Blaster Live!


Monitor: ViewSonic UltraBrite E70f+


Headset: Plantronics DSP-500


Keyboard: Samsung SEM-DT35US


Mouse: Logitech MX 518 (125 Hz x 8 @ 1000 Hz polling rate)


Mousepad: Steelpad S&S


Connection: Verizon Online DSL


OS: Gentoo Linux 2005.0, Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition 2002 Service Pack 2 Build 2600, Microsoft Windows Codename Longhorn Build 4083


Benchmark: 11047 3DMark2001 SE, 107.99 fps Counter-Strike Source Stress Test, Prime95 24 hours stable

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I dont have my computer modified but i hate AMD :) anyways


CPU: Intel? Pentium? 4 Processor 630 supporting Hyper-Threading Technology Processor speed 3 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache




Memory: 1024 MB DDR Dual channel memory 250 GB SATA HD 7200 RPM with 8 MB cache






Monitor: 17"TFT LCD flat panel 1280x1024 max res Fast response time




Keyboard: --N/A--


Mouse: Wireless Intelli Mouse? Explorer 2.0


Mousepad: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Rainforest-like


Connection: SBC Yahoo! DSL


OS: Microsoft? Windows?XP Media Center Edition 2005 pre-installed




Im Using GateWay :D





--N/A-- = I dont know where to get that info :)

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Only custom-made laptop i've ever seen in my life = My comp :)CPU: Pentium 4 w/ HT technology Clocked @ 2.8 GHzMotherboard: Self-Modified MSI 845E MaxMemory: Kingston 512(x2) DDR SDRAMGraphic: Modified Intel Graphics (256 mb)Sound: Sound BlasterMonitor: 15.4" Widescreen TFT Glare-free displayHeadset: Don't have one -Keyboard: Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard/Mouse ComboMouse: Microsoft three wheel wireless optical USB mouse.Mousepad: Don't need one, I could use the wall if I felt like it :).Connection: RoadRunner Business Class - Level 3 (Not sure of the EXACT stats) 802.11 G Integrated Wireless.OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 Build 2600.Benchmark: What the hell is a benchmark?- Panda's Ultimate Pimped-out machine. HOLLA, and plus, it's portable!!

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I'm thinking about overclocking my whole system. Its basicall AMD Athlon Xp 2000+ and MSI Geforce Ti4200 128Mb. As for the agp, i have no problems, the card has got some really decent system of cooling and it has respectively low standard frequencies - 250Mhz for the core and 517Mhz for memory. So, hopefully with some additional cooling I will be able to reach some decent results and finally get my 10000 in 3D Mark 2001SE. But as usual there is a problem, my CPU AMD Thoroughbred 2000+ is protected from overclocking, I'm not sure yet but I think it has something to do with the locked bridges. I've read an article about unlocking those bridges but it looks kind of tricky and requires some special skill, also you can never guarantee reliability in this case. Moreover my mother board won't let me run new ferquencies with current RAM, which is PC2100 and has frequency 266Mhz. In a word i can't overclock by changing the bus speed but only by rising the multiplier. As a result, to fully overclock my system I need to do some global changes :)

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I don't have everything overclocked... yet! :(CPU: Intel? Celeron? 2.0GHz (multiplier x20 locked, freq. 100MHz FSB 400MHz/ o.c. freq 130MHz, 2.6GHz, FSB 533MHz) poor L2 chache, 128K, 1.550VCOREMB: Asus P4PE-X S478 i845 (FSB upto 800MHz with HT support)RAM: 512MB DDR PC2700, 333MHz CL2.5HDD: Maxtor 80G ATA133 8M cache + Maxtor 40G ATA133 2M cache, both 7200rpmSound: Creative SB Live! 5.1Monitor: Philips 17" 107E5GFX: Sparkle GeForce MX440 with 64M (added a fan to the heatsink, from old PI)Headset: Genius H02-A (or something like that)Keyboard: unknown, possibly Mitsumi (about 3 years old)Mouse: Logitech opticalCase: no name, both sides open, added 4 80mm fans, all pull hot air from the caseModem: USR 9014 56K (a real piece of... you know what; can't get it to work above 33.6K)Connection: dialupOS: Microsoft Windows XP SP1 build 2600; Ubuntu 5.04Benchmark: nope, didn't do it... I don't want to break someones program :(BOINC benchmark: Floating point: 1462.68 million ops/sec, integer: 2431.82 million ops/secI'm trying to save money, to buy Asus P5WD2 Premium MB, and Intel P4 (820 DualCore, 2.8GHz, EM64T, FSB800, 2 x1MB L2 Cache, LGA775)That would cost me about.. hmm... 240 euros for CPU, and approximately the same for motherboard... 480 euros for CPU and MB.. + new DDR533 :(... I'll get the money saved in about a year or two :PP.S.I also hate AMD, really, REALLY hate it :P

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CPU: Intel Celeron® 2.00 GHz


Motherboard: Asus


Memory: 512 MB DDR RAM


Graphic: PCI GDIHOOK5 64 MB


Monitor: HYUNDAI


Keyboard: standard 101/102 - key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 keyboard


Mouse: Genius


Mousepad: standard


Connection: Online DSL


OS: Windows xp professional SP 2 and windows 98



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