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Okay this is a complete noob question but....

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How do I create a script in PHP that will take the information that i'll input via the form (in this case, a e-mail address) and send an e-mail to it, with specified contents of the e-mail? I know it's possible, and i've scripted alot of PHP, but it seems that this has just slipped my mind, or it's right in front of my face and I don't see it. Plz help.CDX-Blk PandaEDIT-Also.... I want to know if there's a tag I can insert into a PHP enabled page, that will call on ANOTHER PHP script and kind-of insert it into a spot, without me just copying the whole script and inserting it.... That sounded confusing... HereOkay, so i have this script, that is my home page (page 1 for our purpouses).... and another script, that is a HUGE insert to put INSIDE of that page (page 2, for our purpouses), how do I tell page 1, using PHP, to insert page 2 in a certian spot?Regards, I hope i didn't confuze ya'll homiesCDXBlk PandaBeg4mercy

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