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Aevum Decessus

Does Anyone Play Shadowrun? The futuristic PenPaper game?

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First off, has anyone even heard os Shadowrun before? It's a pen and paper game similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but geared towards a more mature audience. There are several different races, including human, elf, dwarf, and troll to pick from. There are also several different paths that you can talk, either through magic, training, or bodily implants/replacements. This is set in the future, so the possibilities are quite amazing! My current character, Decessus, is a simple troll, 8 ft tall, 185Kg, guy. He loves to do jobs, and is very hard to kill, especially when I have him armed with his all time favorite gun, and assault cannon, which does 17d6 damage on a direct hit(fyi, the average character has 6-7 health, and maybe 10 armor, so 17d6 can be anywhere from 17 to 102 damage there). It's a great way for your friends to waste an afternoon/overnighter, post or PM me if you have any questions.

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