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New Dot Hack Game In The Making .hack//g.u.

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Everyone who heard of .hack//infectioo, .hack mutation, .hack//outbreak, or .hack//quarentine know what its about. A MMORPG called "The World" is being played and a boy named Kite is afflicted with a Data Drain Bracelet. This device is used by hackers, but in his case he uses it to destroy invicible bugged monsters in the game. Well the people at Cyber Connect 2 and Bandai have decided to make a new game. The story takes place years after the fourth dot hack game and is apptly name ..hack//g.u.(grown up). The story is unknown as of yet but the game promises to be more of the same goodness weve seen so far in the series. Rumor has it also that a actual MMORPG based off the .hack series is undersdevelopment. We can only hope.

Notice from BuffaloHELP:
I'm reversing the description with your title, because title is very important ;)
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