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First Kiss Its About my lifes 1st Kiss

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Hi me Abi

Well this post is also my 1st post , i am just to you all about my 1st kiss ,, my girlfriend who is now married with other guy n having 1 boy and two grls in new jersey ,, she came a time ago to my home on my birthday for giving me her appriciation and a gift that is saved in my store room so far , she 1st gave her wishes then after she kissed me ,,, ohh my god that was really owsome moment ,,,,,

I can not forget that moment , so that's my story

wats urs

Notice from BuffaloHELP:
I thought it was going to different from the original topic title First Kiss...but it's remembering and discussing the First Kiss. So I'm merging two topics.

Hummm mass mod box isn't working. I'm closing this thread and please continue the discussion here http://forums.xisto.com/topic/25960-first-kiss-do-you-still-remember-it/ Thank you.

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