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Yet Another Review This time for DKC2 GBA

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I'm cranking out the reviews like a crazy man!


Gather ?round children, and immerse yourself in flames a Rare retelling of a gallant tale; Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy?s Kong Quest.


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy?s Kong Quest for the Super NES was masterpiece on a bun cartridge. Many a night and year I have traveled through Crocodile Isle, rescuing a certain ape Nintendo created yet knows nothing about, but makes games for him anyway. Jerks. In any case, DKC2 for the GBA probably isn?t a game you?d want to rush out and buy, but it does however offer something, that in the end, is something worth picking up?Eventually.


The first thing you?ll notice after you stick the game in your mouth, suck on it, put it in your GBA, go through the menus, suck on it again , and repeat is that the world and over world maps have changed, at least in my opinion, for the worse. For one, it feels less DKC2ish, and for another, you can no longer race back and forth really fast trying to get Diddy dizzy. Nuh-uh. Obviously, there goes most of our late night activities down the El Johnno.


The actual gameplay represents the original fairly well, although you?ll probably notice a few things that have changed. What are these, you ask? Don?t ask me, I?m just a DKC2 expert writing a review on said game?ANYWAY! Gameplay is good, but not as great as the original. So pull up (or down) your pants and dance the happy dance, ?cause it?s MODERATELY IN-TACT!


Remember how each level of DKC2 felt like a treat, and complemented the world it was under extremely well? Not anymore. Apparently, keeping that mix is too much to ask because, as previously mentioned, the maps have been changed to where it no longer goes along with the levels as well. On top of this atrocity, the levels themselves don?t feel the same, or give off as good of a vibe. Although this can be attributed to the graphics, which aren?t as good as the SNES version, has fewer backgrounds, and the night levels have turned into day, it?s also part of the sound effects and music.


The music and sound of DKC2 for SNES is legendary, and is my personal choice for the best game music ever. The GBA version however, does not hold a candle to this. The music often sounds off and severely out of tune (I absolutely cannot stand the music that?s played when Dixie dies), and is only weakened by the fact that it?s counterpart was so good. I will say that, although not the same and not as good as the SNES version, the sound effects are pretty good. It may not feel the same, but I feel they managed to do fairly well, considering the limits of the GBA.


All in all, DKC2 is a solid game with gameplay that is similar to the original, and still great after all these years. I probably would have rated the game higher if I didn?t have a counterpart to compare it too, which brings the score down a few notches. The fact that Rare did have something to compare it too, I think they could have raised the bar a bit and made it stand out more. As of the way it is, I give it a 7.3 out of 10.

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