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Snake, Rattle 'n Roll Review. Old NES game

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I know I said rating with numbers wasn't my style, yet this one does. So go figure.Here's a review for the classic Nintendo NES game by Rare called "Snake, Rattle, 'N Roll."In 1990, the gaming world was brightened by a simple, cheery, isometric platformer for the NES. It didn't have much for character depth, or extended vocabulary(instead of words like "Pugnacious!", when you beat a level, you'd get praise like "Awesome!", and "Wicked!"), but nonetheless, it was a fantastic game. It certainly deserves a place alongside other Rare NES classics like Battletoads and Anticipation.Story: 7.5/10Simple enough, really. Two snakes set out to climb a mountain to grab a flag on the moon. Maybe not an epic account, but fun nonetheless.Graphics: 8/10It was the NES, so don't expect a visual masterpiece, but the style is very fitting, which is why it gets the high rating. And they even hid in the word "Gameboy" into the game, for the observant gamer.Sound: 9/10This has one of the best NES soundtracks there is. The style is based off of 50's music, probably due to the title theme being based off of the(50's) song "Shake Rattle and Roll". But the rest of the songs are original, and very fun to listen to. Oh, and as for sound effects, you can't deny the joy in hearing the whirring noise you get once you finish a difficult level.Gameplay: 9/10Very simple, yet very effective. It mainly involves running(well, sliding) about, and hopping across an isometric playing field. There are a bunch of nifty powerups to keep it entertaining, and some verrry difficult jumping challenges. Which brings me to...Difficulty: 9.8/10This has got to be one of the hardest games. Ever. Hands down. The later levels featuring ice are just not *BLEEP*ing fair. There's not a moment that you can be moving and not thinking intensely. Maybe not as difficult as Battletoads, but hard nonetheless.Originality: 9.5/10Come on- Try to find a game like this anywhere else. There may be one or two at the most, an they're all Rare classics from this period.Level Design: 9/10The levels are like a premature version of Donkey Kong Country's. They feature similar jumping-timing layouts, so I think Gregg Mayles was the designer, but I'm not sure. Anyway. They're very well-done and varied. You even get to run around an isometric fish tank and eat Fish-Pibbleys in 3D.All-in-all, this is a must have for NES owners. If you don't have it, be sure to look for it on the Nintendo Revolution as a possible downloadable classic, or email Rare until they make a sequel.

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