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Opinions Wanted RPG Introduction

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Here is a new introduction to my Role Playing Game I typed up. Unlike my previous posts (which got me in trouble), it is not something quoted from my website, it is something I typed today that exists nowhere else on the web and I want to know what you think. Does it grab your attention or not, what should I change?A vast array of stars spiral through the void. Each cluster of stars is known as an ?Arm? and is surrounded on three sides by void, the void between each arm is known as a ?Trench?. Relatively recent events have subdivided each arm into zones. The forces of magic have retreated into the core the galaxy while the forces of technology have been forced to the edge. Thus travel through these zones outward results in a decrease of magical potential, while travel inward results in a decrease of technological potential.Those who travel to the core seeking the ultimate magic will find themselves on a violent battle field. The forces of light magic on one side, and the forces of dark magic on the other. Those who seek the ultimate technology will reach the edge of the galaxy, stare out into the void, and realize that it is not a void at all but filled with fearsome beings of energy eager to increase their influence by venturing into the galaxy long enough to eradicate an emboldened explorer.Four eras of peace and prosperity lie in this galaxy?s past, each greater than the ones before. Every era of peace has been followed by an era of war and destruction also greater than the ones before. Now a fifth era has begun. Peace has been discarded in favor of endless wars contained within the arms and the zones. Never again can one war endanger the entire galaxy. Your role in this Totalwar will decide if it is an endless era of progress bought with violence, or a doomed era, of destruction bought with arrogance.

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