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Going On The Meaning and Point

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Well for people that have been around a little lately and seen several of my post about things that are going on with me will probably know that things have not been that good.


Also I have honestly been thinking about why there is any point on continuing on with life. However, I have come to the following conclusions on what is happening. This has come to me after some advice and messages from several people on the Xisto Forums.


Is there really any point to living?

Yes, there certainly is. Things could be a lot worse then what they already are. There are many people throughout the world that are going through worse things then what I am.


Do I really have people that care?

I can honestly say that Yes there is. I had never seen it in a different way before until now. With some of the things that I was told and spoke to people about, I was like "WOW", why would these people that time out of their lives to talk to me? Simple, because they want to. There is no way that they were asked to. But they still did.


Something is for sure. There are still caring people out in the world today. Even though I dont know these people face to face, I do know them over the internet. And with something that I was told "It's easier to talk to strangers" - This is SO true. I didn't realise how easy it would actually be. But I feel so much better now.


And finally, thank you to the people ... you know who you are, for the help and advice that you have given me. It means a lot. :D

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It's always nice to see someone with motivation than one with depression.I agree there is always a point in living, but my reason is that the world needs all the help it gets.People just need to realize that life's not all about depression-free, pressure-free, etc.-free. They have to accept that life's not perfect and that they will continue on.Every human beings has the same basic needs: food and water, along with oxygen.However, there are a surplus of people who expects more. They want friends, support, the love of their dreams. People need to get over this fantasy and use what resources they have to share with the less-fortunate.Sorry if i sound kind of bossy.

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