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Sx Counterstrike Source Servers High quality, cost effective servers.

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sX CounterStrike Source Servers


Hello I represent sX servers and after observing this forum I have decided that many clans start up here. sX servers are offering high quality, cost effective servers for your clan. We have tech support at almost all times of day and if you have any queries then you will be answered by friendly staff that would be more than pleased to help you (because other wise they don't get paid :D ). If you are interested in starting up a server then please contact me with the following e-mail address. peterlannon@gmail.com . I will also be looking on the forums from time to time to see how things are going. And remember, if you don't buy I don't get my commision ;). Thankyou for reading this thread.


As we launch into the gaming world with our new range of offers we thought nothing would be better than a free server


for every 1 in 10 orders will recieve there ordered server FREE



Game Slots: Price:

12 --------- 24.99

14 --------- 29.99

16 --------- 32.99

18 --------- 34.99

20 --------- 39.99

24 --------- 47.99

28 --------- 54.99

32 --------- 59.99


all servers have gameCP installed for easy management of servers, and the ability to change between games


About Us

We have been selling dedicated servers and game servers since June 1st, although young we feel that we can still live up to what is required of us.



All our Servers operate the following:

AMD 64 3000+

1024mb ram


although lower spec than other companies you?ll never find more than 4-5 game servers running on ours, this is to keep prices low and lag low


we also offer other services such as Clan Hosting, and TeamSpeak


Contact Us

Website down due to rebuild with gameCP installed


MSN: admin[@]sxservers.com

AIM: sXServers

IRC: #sXServers #sXHosting @ GameSurge


Notice from BuffaloHELP:
Refrain from posting two in a row. It's called double posting and it is not acceptable. Make your each post thoughtful and complete.

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