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Podcasts Or Podcasting homemade radio or iTune free radio

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iTune4.9 player extend the podcasting. what is podcasting? quick answer, open or download iTune4.9(if you dont have), then goto Music Store, mainpage left panel "Podcasts", click on it and choose which podcast to listen..
podcasting is actually just homemade mp3 playerlist which you upload to webserver and RSS feed to iTune music to boradcast. here are some quotes..

Radio Is Finally FreePodcasting is radio your way. Defy programming schedules and listen to whatever you want, whenever you want and on your iPod wherever you want. Podcasts are radio-style shows some from major media, others from passionate individuals delivered over the Internet to your computer. Unlike streaming audio, which requires you to listen in real time, podcasting lets you control how and when you hear your favorite shows.

and you can explore to check out here http://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/
right now i've listened quite a few stations which all are totally nice and oh man it's free by those homemade artists.. of course you can also make your podcast and make avalible on iTune podcast store. https://support.apple.com/garageband in this link you can view how to make your own podcast using Garageband software. of course you can use your choice of mp3 audio software to record your show, too. somemore, if you are in OSX Tiger, you can make your own podcast widget to let people download and listen your podcast up to date(like rss news feeder, NetNewsWire alike). podcast as well as in mp3 format and sit inside your iTune Music Library folder, of course you can have your favourite podcast show in your iPod.. just simply transmit it! :P

wow, great stuffs... check it out!

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