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Nitto 1320 1# Online Drag Racing Game

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Nitto 1320 Challenge is a brilliant online drag racing game. Once you have signed up, you start out with a Honda Civic hatch back. You can choose what colour it is, but with no money from winning you cant do much more to it!


There is a huge online community of players that you can challenge, or if you would like to get the feel of the game without embarrassing yourself, you can play against the computer too!


As you progress through the game you earn more money through your wins and can modify your cars engine, paint job, dyno tune it and ultimately upgrade your vehicle to the likes of a Dodge Viper, Toyota Supra, Ford SVT Cobra, Mitsubishi Lancer, Skyline GT-R and others!


Game play is a bit different to get used to (change your gears with the keys and accelerate by dragging the accelerator switch forward) but once you have the hang of it, this game is extremely addictive.


Smooth running and well designed I recommend this game to anyone, especially car fans.

Addicting 10/10

Grafix 6/10 (update comming soon on V2.0)

Valueu for Money 7/10

overall Value 9/10

Recommended 100%


Free Download At Tho Official Nitto 1320 Site


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yeah i donwloadet the game and my username is Muksimp, game looks really nice and i think i will play it for couple weeks maybe. But thanks for sharking this with us :P

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