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ok hey guys as you know runescape is this *blah blah blah* and *blah blah blah blah* making runescape *blah blah* big*blah blah*. yeah u know what runescape is if you dont then go to runescape and i was wondering what u guys like to do. me i work on my main making nats and work on my pure. my pure is considered noob right now but is almost annoying. i have my own pure ranking system. also if you guys want to sell me mind rune then i am buying 100k of them here is all my info.

1: i am buying all minds for 6 ea. i am buying up to the 50k mark right now and when i reach the 50k mark whoever gave me that amount to reach it will get either 50k or 75k* (still debating see below for a poll).

2: i am doing this later beacuse i dont have all the funds yet =p. ok as you know i am buying 6 ea yadda yadda and stuff but this time it is going to the 100k mark and when there is will be either 100k or 125k* (still debating see below for a poll).

3: this is the poll part in your message just say if u want "1111" or "2222" just so i know. ok now for the poll

1111:when reach 50k mark u get 50k and 100k mark u get 100k and whoever has given me the most at 1 time!! not over the whole time will get 50k.

2222: when reach 50k mark u get 75k and when 100k mark u get 125k.

p.s. this all leads up to 800k which is my spending limit and for all u who want top know y i am doing this is beacause i want it in my sig like saying my mom always says i lost my mind but it actually only is in my bank. lol i know stupid huh? well also it gets mad magic levels for cheap price but may take longer but who cares!!! not me!. only post if u sell rune or pm me. also to vote. when i reach almost 50k mark i see all the votes and will count and atomaticly do it and post here also for a fyi.

also what is your runescape usernames mine is "ragnorok161"-82 my main and my pure is "ragnorok0120"-28 *i think?? it keeps on getting better and better*. also if you guys wanna discuss anything u can and when my site is back up we can all go to my chat room that is for runescape.

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