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Saint-michaels Movie Reviews Tokyo Godfathers anime

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well this morning i finally watched Tokyo godfathers on the tv. its a story about a homless man, a run away girl, and a drag queen who are also homeless, so to speak.anyways the story opens up that these three people happen to find a abandon baby in a dumpster in the streets of tokyo on christmas eve/christmas day. and made a pact to take care of it and find the mother. well it has loads of laughs has its happy/sad moments. and the story flows smoothly too for its 90 minute time frame.good quality anime drawing to it as well sound quality was good since it was in th the original japanese language. with the subtitles.best part in this movie these three unlikly heroes face their demons and a very huge twist during this movie happens and it was a complete shocker to me when i first saw this movie and never expected it to happen. but without ruining the ending i was a little dissappointed (somewhat) how it ended but hey i didn't make it so i have to live with it.so with my wonderful knowledge on movies and naime alike i give this movie like 5/5 Halos ( :unsure: ) the perfect story for the warm fuzzy feeling. highly recommed it for your dvd collection as well.

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