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Runescape Story Of 1 Nobb 1 Hero And `1 Master! runescape story

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there was once a noob a hero and a .......................................um what was the other oh yeah the MASTER!!! the noob was the most feared of all for he was the greatest level THREE!!!!!! the hero was considered a whim becasue he was a whimpy level 50er. pretty whimpy and the MASTER the whimpiest person of all barely even noticable level 167.... so the trio set off from lumbridge to the dreaded COW PENS!!!! OMG NO ONES EVER SURVIVED IN THERE!!!!!!!! PLZ dont go ull get killed by the cows monster milkers OMG!!! the noob the best of all already dead man he was awsome i guess he faced the king and the other 2 killed evry single cow so now they head toword varrok forgetting the noob was in lumbridge AND NO ITS NOT A CHEAT the MASTER sais a http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ i was about to report the hero to oh well as they move on they hear someone yellling saying wai im out of energy and the hero and MASTER go OMG WE FORGOT THE LEADER...RUN...hes' gonna kill us RUN!!!!...SAVE ME...haha!!!!!! caught ya!the hero and MASTER! ahh man now ur gonna wait a second! i just remembered the MASTER IS THE STRONGEST and from that time on hes was seen teloporting to lumbridge every 10 seconds and after all thos telaportATIONs he was only at level 4 after 3 years of work so fianly after 4 years of addiction he QUIT ....oh well the bright side is the MASTER got to level 267 and the hero!WOW!!! he got to level 266!??how?? the question still remains did he use highly addictive CHEATS??? thats the biggest memory and question in Runescape history

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Thanks for distorting the page for all of us. Enjoy your 5 day ban. :unsure:

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