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Looking For An Australian Counter Strike Clan? Is anyone looking for a clan?

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Are you looking for a clan? Are you an Australian? Do you play Counter-Strike 1.6? Have you EVER had the highest score on 1 map in a server? Than this clan is for you! Introducing, The Anarchic Clan!


This clan is basically for Australians, unless you are willing to play Counter Strike on Australian Servers. This clan was just made on May, 2005, So it is quite new. We currently do not have any enemies, so we remain at peace.

Requirements to join:

A Steam Account (To play CS of course!)

Live in Australia (Or willing to play on Australian Servers regularly)

Co-Operation and team work (You must obey commands given by any leaders straight away, and use Radio Commands often)

Good Computer/Laptop & Fast Internet Connection (So no one will use Lag as an excuse)

Skill (No newbies allowed)

Sign up for the clan forums & reach 25 posts (NOTE: Posts in the spam section will not count as posts)

These requirements may seem like a lot but they aren't. Join now to meet new friends and members!

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The Anarchic Clan is a good thing i love it even i'm not a Australian i still play counter strike 1.6 . I say you guys all should play :) my name is unkown human in the game ;) so that hackers could not hack me wait a min. i could still be hacked i would just need anti- hackers programs

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