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Team Sp.g) Sp.G) recruiting

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Im sure many of you have never even played starcraft or if you have it hasnt been in the last year or two. However there is still some of us (like my self) that play this game constantly.... i can never get enough!! Any way my freinds and my self have formed a starcraft gaming team called the Spartan Gamers. We are now accepting recruits, but i wont kid you into thinking we accept everyone we have very high standards. here they are: 1. You must play at least 15 1v1 a week2. You must be very good mannered and all around well behaved.3. Of course you have to pass a try out game or two so we know your skill level we do accept fairly nubish players but you have to WANT to improve. Even if your not that good right now i highly suggest you coming out some of our members are extremly good and they will help you even if you have had an absense from the game for a few years. If you are interested Our bnet channel is oP sp.G) on us west gateway. My sn is Sp.G)InsaNe( dont forget the ( at end and caps dont matter my email is crusherspartan@hotmail.com or everman2@earthlink.net i prefer you use the first one though or you can just pm me any way if your interested in trying out those are the ways to contact me Thank You

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